Nostalgia by Hawra’a Khalfan

“It’s snowing!” My sister yelled, running into the house to grab her jacket. I ran quickly to the window and watched beautiful little white drops from heaven land on the nearest surface they found. Recently having moved from Kuwait to London I had never seen snow before. To me, this was a miracle- I quickly ran upstairs and changed into warm clothes, and rollerblades. I decided I was going to be the Snow Queen. I opened the front door and rushed outside filled with excitement, and like a slap on the face, I froze. The crispy dry cold lingered into my body. Shivering but eager, I imagined I was the Snow Queen, and I was ice-skating on clear, smooth ice.

I waved my fingers about, giving surreal orders to surreal creatures I envisioned around me. “Go get me a pot of biscuits” I asked my purple servant. Soon my older brother threw a snowball into my face, my glasses fell onto the ground and I couldn’t see. With that snowball my fantasy fell apart. I fell onto the ground, searched for my glasses and pretended to weep. Pretended to be fragile. I made him feel strong and capable of bringing down my tears. I secretly collected as much snow as I could, creating the biggest snowball I could carry. With the help of my sisters we were finally able to seek our revenge and haul Yousef to the ground with our snowball. We laughed from the pleasure of watching him fall, and then later cried when we all caught the flu! I wish I could go back to that memory, to that beautiful day. I would not change a thing. Just as I look back at this memory, tomorrow I will look at today wishing I was back here. Tomorrow I will not view my today as a day to seize and make the best of, but on the contrary, I will look at days passed, laughter perished, and mistakes I learnt from. I will look at exhaled breaths, and want them back. Cherished moments, and wishful thoughts, days spent with loved ones, hours filled with smiles and laughter.

Nostalgia is what my life has come to, my past is beautiful, my present is blurry, and my future unknown.

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