Lipstick by Noorah AlHasan

Get up

Wash up

Get dressed and breathe

Blush on 

Lipstick smeared

Tighten that ponytail and leave

out the door

wrapped up in heat

into the traffic and drive

Arrive at the office

Computer on

Coffee inhaled; pretend to strive

Lunch hour

Coffee break

Send those emails then sigh

Surf the web

Tweet that

Look for the next destination to fly

Count the minutes

Pack your stuff up

Finalize loose ends

Back in the car

under the sun

radio blasting “The Bends”

Evade the scorch

Hide under the covers

Indulge in a mini death

Wake from the coma

into dusk

Enjoy another breath

Waste the night

of meaningless conversations

to a point of defeat

Slip back to bed

Wake the next morning

Rinse and repeat

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