Ink by Ripley Hyde

Every blink of my eyes inks just another line in my memory journal I’ll write in until the day that I die

The ink from reality

Sinks into the diary

My Quill fills the pages

Turning life into memories

It feels like centuries

Since the book was first inked

I look back through the paragraphs

Remember the laughs and faces I’ve met

So many precious scenes I’ve seen

I never want them to go missing

Re-reading the writing written at the beginning…

Tearing at the sight of my ink disappearing

Memoirs lost, left in noir after the colors turned to dust

I try to will my Quill to fill the gaps

And map my way through livid verses

Nurse the curse of reversing the vivid

Fragments of my remnants, though not permanent, are still clear

I feared losing them before, but now I’m tearing no more

Locked in a state of shock, my fear has overrun

From the beginning until now I’ve been writing Chapter One

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