Birth by Ripley Hyde

I’ve arrived. I’m alive
Cried before looking up at your smile
Safe in your arms
Kept away from harms way
A new life has been blessed today

My earliest memory
You were right there next to me
Holding my hand as we roamed around Tivoli
It was only us
Then others picked me up
And that’s when I met the rest of my family
I detested school, because I was away from you
I remember kindergarten, and recalled when we parted
Things were new without you
And so it started
I tearfully watched as from the gates you departed
Whenever I had a bad day
The voice was always there: “Sweetheart, it’s ok”
That comforting face above that loving embrace
Within a heartbeat I found my tears had been erased
As time went by, I saw myself change
Regardless, though, you were still the same
The most beautiful person I’ve seen since birth
The first thing I see in my life on this Earth
I owe you everything and more
For all that you’ve done for me
You are the reason why my life is everything it’s come to be
Now I wait for my turn to take care of you
And show that my love is genuine and true
The sixteenth of March 1992
Was the day you carried a baby smiling at you
All the while, your smile
Left me nothing but beguiled
No mother alive should outlive her child
“I love you mom. You are and forever will be my hero”

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