Birth by Kamanha

In my Birth Certificate they never mentioned what it takes,

To get an interview for a job of misery and higher stakes.
Oh, speaking of stakes; it’s so nice to meet you,
Streets preach and teach each tear on cheeks but please, please forget these lines, let’s start anew… 

Let’s start all over. I’m Kamanha, Twenty years of age.
I grew afraid of people judging me, but not afraid of a stage.
I’m a strange obsessive compulsive mix of ink and blood on a page.
Pages of my fate, a screenplay deranged quantity of my life expectancy’s gauge.

You know what? It’s Dictionary time: “Birth” (noun);
Is the process through which destiny creates a new mad clown.
Also see, giving birth; and that’s a verb, meaning to get a new individual into this haunted town.

And now that you know its definition, time for the philosophical  part,
Birth is the prequel to everything you do and had done to you from the start
Every sad, mad happy and glad moment you have until the final stop of your heart.
You see, I’m not pessimistic, I’m just a realistic diversified deconstructionist who happens to be smart.

I don’t need to deliver my feeling, I’m already writing this from your conscience.
You’ve already heard this combination and variation of the 26 letters of the english language, you understand this.
I brought back to life hellish sensations that are your fantasies of anguish.
But don’t blame me, I’m a warm hearted cool customer and all I want is…

To know who served this gravy flow of blood and gore following pain,
I can’t navigate the terrain, I hallucinate and sustain,
Come closer let me tap your shoulder and tell you “this life wasn’t a worthy gain”
I’m not Christian, but I need one more DEMON-stration and that’s when I get BORN-AGAIN.

I grew to be just fine, even though lustrous lusty life still called me forth.
I stand a man of ambiguous misdeeds, aimless like a lone wolf.
Yet, I’m not sad for I don’t search for happiness in events nor people’s worth.
So let’s all just live life, for all we know… we’re equal in death following birth.

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  1. Good stuff. How do I join the club? I’m newly arrived in kuwait from Brisbane, Australia today. I was involved in two poetry events there, a slam and also Poetry Open Words.

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