Birth by Yas Bin Shaibah

Childbirth is beautiful, they said.

I clicked the little play button and sat back.

There she was, squatting, legs wide apart seemingly straddling her nine month old baby bump. Her pussy was bloated, bright pink all over, color clearly visible behind her light pubes. My jaw dropped and I froze. 

The soon to be mother screamed in pain as her husband and two midwives chanted ‘push, push, push!’ So she did, in the middle of their living room. Her once tight, beautiful pussy was slowly but surely ripping open. Mine grew numb at the sight of it. A moment passed and the baby’s head was somewhat visible. Gradually, uh, ‘peaking’ further as she kept pushing.

All of her was hot pink at this point from all that pressure. Frankly, I was very surprised she didn’t shit! Suddenly, as long as the past minutes were, the baby shot out like a bullet from a chamber into one of the midwives’ hands. The ripped up, mutilated pussy was forgotten as the mother held her baby and slipped into a laugh-cry fit, but it was all I could see. A broken pussy.

The video was over.

Myself, traumatized. I’m guessing so will the mother be after realizing her loose as fuck vag is never gonna be the same again. Never knew a pussy could function the way that one did. Definitely not thinking of pussies the same again for a little while.

Childbirth is beautiful, they said.

It’s the ultimate pussy destroyer, I say!

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