Birth by Buddha Qais

Dear Child,

I write this letter to you before you breathe existence.   I write for fear of losing these thoughts, these thoughts that are strong and fresh in my mind, before they grow numb and die. 

You will brighten worlds with your eyes; you will give hope and happiness to parents looking to settle down.  An unleashed pearl from its oyster, this world is at the palm of your hands, and I am sure with future technologies, opportunities will be much accessible with advancements beyond my imagination.

With hope, there comes another side.

A side that dominates the world.

A side that blinds all from the hope that is.

There will be those that will take you by the head, beat you down; there will be those that only want to see your frown, never your smile.  Your emotions will be abused, your mind will be infected, your resolve will be tested.

It is a bright world, but the dark side of it shows more face. It is in these times that you must remember, that no matter how dirty you become, it wont change what is in your blood.  You are who you choose to become and you can choose to be your own and others hope.

I have seen and experienced these troubled times, but for now…

I look forward to celebrating your birth, my child. I look forward to you growing up in my eyes and arms. I look forward to your life. My child.

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