Socks by Noragotcharisma

Little toes at a daycare are stuffed into colorful rainbows. You wiggle your toes and I wiggle mine.
“I like your Batman toesies.”
“I don’t like Barbie, but yours are nice.”
Exchanged kindness made it easy for us to be friends. 

It’s Christmas time. Our mothers sent us with stockings full of goodies for those kids at the shelter. You lit up just like they did. We were only twelve, but we were already imagining the charity we wanted to start.

It’s football season now. You’re more excited than ever, buying yourself the latest Nike cleats, color coding your socks to match your home and away uniforms. I remember you being surprised the coach didn’t pick you to start, but that never put you down.
Your diligence shined through when you scored that winning goal in the last 4 minutes.

I remember the day your grandmother fell ill. All your family came together as if they weren’t torn apart from rough divorce battles. You’ve never looked so weak. The only time you changed your dirty socks was to go pray. But you made it alive, and your temperance kept you moving.

We both got employed at the biggest law firm in the city, and we were on our way to becoming the people criminals like OJ wanted. You were in your navy suit, and I was in my black tights. Ladies began to know you, wanted to get you, but your chastity quickly bored them. You always were a gentleman.

Life was becoming routine. We went to work every day, you wore the same striped socks everyday, we brought home the bread and butter every day—but we were missing something. We were missing something and patience was out of the question. When it came time for you to settle down you only looked in my direction. After all these years, we finally wed.

We spent our lives together, actually living together. Coming and going, travelling, growing, hurting, rising. We witnessed each other’s lives from the very beginning and it wasn’t time to stop. The crinkles in your eyes every time you smile, the greys in your hairs that I won’t let you dye, they are all imprinted in my memory. As I stand over you now, watching you be lowered into the earth, I hold one thing: the knee highs you made me for my sixteenth birthday. You were always humble, but you were the best thing that ever walked into my life.

I must now live without you. But I won’t live; I’ll be joining you. Until next time, my everything.

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