Socks by Ripley Hyde

You’re switching sides

You’re snitching. Why?

Caught red handed you insist it was a lie

You failed 


And it’s too late to bail

Hammered in the coffin, another rusty nail

You had a choice and chose to cheat

You blocked yourself out, just admit it

You know what? No. Don’t even speak

Sit there, shut up and put a sock up in it

They’re cowards, all of them

Those who befriend Untruth

They have power, it enthralls them

Not noticing they’ve become uncouth

Lie after lie they spread

But once the truth has been heard

They sink into their sea of lies

And, like lead, have nothing but the seabed

You could have made things easy

You just had to go and do it

Don’t come crying to me man

Just take this sock and chew it


Don’t talk to me

Everything will go unheard

There’s an idea

Why don’t you show me?

After all, actions speak louder than words

You can’t can you, Hypocrite?

Come on now don’t you bore me

Take this sock from my mouth

Stick it in yours

Maybe then you can do it for me

Some people in this world just need to be muted

Their mere presence enough to leave life polluted

Though look on the bright side

It’s not a total loss

Go do some shopping

Socks are 80% off

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