Socks by Seyed Mohammad Abaft

Many things comes to mind when someone looks at a sock





Stinky feet

Athlete’s foot

But when I am looking at this small cute baby socks

I think of my child, her innocence, her cute laugh

The smile that could melt a million hearts

The day when she took her first step makes a grown man cry

Even if he were the most cold hearted Son of a Bitch man you have met

The trials of being a father of a female teenager

Makes you turn into the chief of police when she brings home her “friends”, yes I’m talking about those low life punk looking gangster boys

And to think she was the little princess I’ve raised, and now she’s wearing a short skirt with a tank top

Now we come to her college graduation, the moment when you feel that joy and sadness have met

She is now a full grown woman, who has overcome the challenges of having a full education, and not being interviewed by Dr. Phil during her teenage life

Now let’s end this memory and go meet my granddaughter.

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