Socks by Dee

Everyone comes into the world with a shared fear, the fear of being alone. Because being alone means that you don’t belong. The world was made to be shared with another. So you curl up together and hold each other close for fear that something will come to tear you apart, and you’ll never see one another again. And what will become of you then? 

When you lose your partner, you lose everything, including who you are when you’re together. When you’re with them, you’re part of something, but alone you’re nothing, of no consequence and no use. And no one wants to become useless, especially when you’re already so dispensable. You know that you’re nothing special, likely to be discarded at any moment. But if you’re together then the world can try to get rid of you as much as it wants. None of it will matter, because you’re still not alone. But when you are alone, there’s no hope for you and you might as well let life go. You’ll lose it all anyway and there’s nothing you can do about it. After all, there’s nothing in the world sadder than a sock which has lost its pair.

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