Socks by Buddha Qais

He took his usual seat besides his wife. It was that hour of the day again, the hour of when they agreed to always sit and talk about their day’s events.
He looked at his wife with longing eyes, and guessed he had to start today as has been recently.
“So I begin again?” he chuckled. “Well I tell you, it is not fair, so this is the last time.” 
“Work has been getting abnormal lately. People have been acting differently towards me.” He said. “Different in the sense, they seem to avoid me, and when they are put in a situation where they have to deal with me, they seem to act very…safe.” He started scratching his beard as his thoughts wrapped around his statement.

“Honestly, I do not know what is going on with everyone around me lately, honey. Friends keep having these intervention talks with me. The families are always trying to talk about something. Even the kids! Imagine!” He laughed in a barking manner.
“Funny enough, they all seem to agree on a common ground, which is that I am stubborn. Me! Stubborn?” He waved his hand in the air as if waving off the notion.
“You know me! I’m not stubborn. I just need a little logical reasoning. I mean, look at these socks I’m wearing. It took you a while to get me to swear them, as I thought they looked ridiculous even though I know you knitted. But look at me now! I’ve been wearing them everyday. Ha! … Stubborn… Me.” He sighed.
He looked at his wife, smiled and said “I guess, today you won’t say anything again.” He got up form his seat.
He started walking away, looked back at his wife and said “I miss you, Marie.”

Here lies
Loving Wife & Mother
May she Rest in Piece

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