Socks by Amber West

Socks, bras, and panties

All hidden away in my dresser drawer.

My intimates, My personals, My Ambers Secrets.

But underneath the socks,

Underneath the bras, panties, and all 

Are my deepest darkest ‘treasures’

There lays my journal and portraits of you.

There lays my past.

Thought I no longer wanted to remember you

But somehow I refuse to discard, burn, or erase the evidence you existed.

Memories of when you slid my socks on to cover my cold feet, so sweet.

When you slid my bra off to uncover my breast, so sexual.

Slid my panties down to entice me with your tongue, so sensual.

Hidden away in my sock drawer so my new love won’t uncover them

Hidden away because I still need them

Underneath the socks,

Underneath the bras, panties, and all is where I go when I want to escape…daydream.

But then I remember…

Remember when you slid your tongue in her mouth, so confident.

Slid your arm down her back, so casual.

And slid her dress up to reveal her secrets, so careless.

But I heard you left your socks on.

She must have not been that important!

Kind of ironic don’t you think?

Cuz now your memories are in my sock drawer

And really…you’re not that important!

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