Secret by Fatma AlSumaiti

They both buried their words and hid behind glances. They couldn’t speak their hearts, so they walked. They walked until they couldn’t anymore.

They stood on a cliff, both staring at dangling thoughts. Thoughts yearning to be vocalized, but to no avail.

“Tell me a secret,” he silently asked. 

“I am slipping through the cracks. I wish you would’ve told me. I wish you would tell me now,” she bellowed.

He remained as silent as a book. Soundless, but oh so full of noise. She could always sense silhouettes of his thoughts. So close, yet so out of reach. If only he would share his secrets, she thought.

“This,” she gestured to her surroundings, “would be as clear as day if you would just say it,” she shouted with vehemence only a scarred soul would muster.

“But is that really what you want?” he questioned with the calmest tone. Slowly, he retraced his steps and went back into his dark chambers.

She goes to sleep that night with her subconscious still a mysterious stranger.

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