Secret by Amira Sheikh

Her mother’s lost smile was back which she longed for
Her brother’s grades now wouldn’t be low,
She bought this happiness which now knocked on their door.
But the price she paid for it, they would never know. 

Six months ago when her dad took his last breath
Their rents and bills were due, they cried for bread.
While wiping her mum’s tears, she saw in her shelf,
A pair of her bright red heels, and asked to herself:

‘If it’s money in which my mum’s tears can be soaked,
Being a woman, I surely know the easiest way to earn it.’
Starvation and cries were by what she was provoked,
She thought her dignity was worth it.

Dressed up, makeup on, she would leave at night,
A daughter for whom the dark was a fright.
Her mum thought she got a job at the call centre,
For which daily wages were paid by the mentor.

Self-esteem, character, a lot she lost, to her own self she was a disgrace,
The price she paid for her mum’s smile was her cloaked secret.
Now she looks at the mirror, degraded and can’t face,
The exploited reflection of a mere harlot.

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  1. This explicitly describes the lives of many young girls although not all of them feel any remorse about what they are doing. But let us face the fact we live in a world where porn stars are idolized and are made famous so they don’t see anything wrong in what they do!

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