Secret by Osman Naeem

Secrets, out the deep dark blue

The voices outside my head seep through

As I unwillingly break a dozen promises

Unaware of the captives that it’s held over time 

Feels like walking in air and swimming in ice

The cycle continues until a friend says goodbye

This is a typical approach to a whisper, or a candy coated lie

Listen closely because I need your attention

But I’ll be wise so I have no names left to mention

We all have them like a mercenary does

A bulletproof vest on to protect himself

From government officials, income tax and debts

It’s what brought a tear to the eyes of an adopted son

When his mother swore on Virgin Mary that she was secretly a nun

The truth behind a man being forced to steal a bun from the bakery

It’s what got Adam bullied for being gay,

After it spilled out from his best friend’s buccal cavity yesterday

The existence of MI7, Area 51, and democracy

The answer to why sometimes confessions aren’t holy

Oh, and from another point of view

A secret is a hole in the membrane that blurs truth

A scratch on the mask people put on to fit in since birth

Hiding mistakes, scars and unknown aliases

The shortcuts in life and hidden pathways

The keys that we pass on in hopes of leaving behind a legacy

You can’t deny the fact that we all disguise

Our dirty little secrets and the location of our treasures

The names of our high school crushes, and struggles through peer pressure

Buried beneath the second degree of desperate measures

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