Glass by Osman Naeem

What constitutes the word glass?
I’m not going back to secrets or scratches
I’m here to light your candles without a box of safety matches
Talking about Newton splitting light with prisms in the attic
bulletproof windshields, dreams and even a little magic 
Bending them makes existence vivid
Take a look through a pair of eyeglasses

Take a look at the sands of time inside an hourglass
What’s now in your sight incites anxiousness in spite of the fact
That what was once solid ground is now a quicksand
As the shapeless ghost of pain
confined by glass in a memory encased by an old leather frame
Stares through the raindrops racing down the window pane
Wishing that the summer came, delving into restlessness

Take a look from the pupils of a soldier walking on debris
Shattered glass, flooding the ground
trapping the battle cries and screams beneath
We’ve got five senses but an infinite spectrum to see
There’s no world, just a few billion understandings of it
A glass is made of shades that we can’t perceive
Yet we claim to know all and judge blindly
Now that’s a shade of irony

Moving on, we too bend and reflect and refract
Because these words are a medium for minds to interact
Make eye contact with eyes shut and even for those with Cataract
Be it a piece of silicon dioxide or an ancient artifact
This is the truth through my vision as clear as glass in the fist of a Nihilist
Possessions inevitably cease to last
as they eventually disintegrate and fade away
Into the realm of blissful yesterdays
Life is meant for you to live, not just exist.

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