Glass by Kamanha

I’m the alternate devil in the wrong time at the wrong place

The word “inappropriate” in the dictionary should have a picture of me with a thumbs up and a smiley face

Don’t judge me from first impressions, but hey… I like it when you call me names

He’s a mischievous, aimless, meaningless, heinous, insanous and vulgarity runs in his veins

I know I’m empty so have mercy and don’t tempt me or faze me 

I guess I’m kinda short, that should tell you that no one ever raised me

It’s amazing, how you got this wet while outside is not that rainy

So spare me the small talks and ball walks I’ll never let you play me

I have a million words but my own favorite is “shit”

Yeah I said shit… What’s wrong? At least I’m honest with it

When I finish pooping I move my ass off the damn pit

So if you have nothing nice to say… Join me and I’ll give you something to regret

I may beget you a bastard son, so where did the damn cum come from?

A little platinum with ammonia and have us a self-crafted suicidal bomb

You see the chemistry here? Oh you don’t? I’m not surprised you are that dumb

Is this literature? No? I’m thanksgivin it’s just an ass-whoopin. Now pass this shit, son

I’m vibing and getting the feeling I’m offending every living soul

An armageddon gotta get em, yes I am sinning but I’m standing tall

Every second of every minute I live it dancing with the devil but gravity won’t let me fall

I cast about your plastic glass in acid as in breaking the ice then… cold.

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