Glass by Dee

Every morning I get down on my knees to worship at your altar

I raise my hands, trace my fingers against you in supplication

I lean close to whisper to you, my breath fogging up your face

Please, I beg you, please lie to me today

Spin me pretty deceits, just for a moment 

Tell me I’m not as ugly as I feel

But as always you are deaf to my pleas

Cold and indifferent, no matter how warm my hands against you

After all you were born in a much hotter fire

All your softness burnt away

Any weakness you might have had

You show me nothing but unforgiving truth

Flinging it back at me without a thought

My face, my body, my grimace at the sight

Hard and ruthless, you thrust at me the harsh reality of myself

I curse you and turn away in disgust

I promise myself that tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll find another

One who will hide my reflection away

And let me pretend to be someone other than who I am

If only I can figure out how to make a mirror lie

If only I could walk away from the looking glass.

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