Glass by Lucy Moore

A little cafe small and neat,

I duck inside to find a seat.

A corner stacked high with books,

about princesses and pirate crooks. 

Here’s the perfect place I thought,

as I sipped on the tea I bought.

I’ll gaze out of this huge window,

and watch the world play out its show.

Oh the excitement of what I might see,

letting my imagination run free.

how sane is the woman with bright pink hair,

and does the vampire goth have a lair.

As I sit behind my glass shield,

my eye is caught far afield.

Approaching my secluded spot,

Non other than a puppy in polka dot.

His owner casually wearing stripes,

this town really gets all sorts of types.

Next up a girl in a suit,

not unusual but really, with leather boots?

I see a kid in a wizard’s hat,

a sausage dog, short and fat.

I stare through the clear glass pane,

perhaps my curiosity in vain.

For I could spend hours,

wondering about the people in the street,

only to realise they are just like the one here,

sitting here in my seat.

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