Glass by Salman AlKhaledi

They grew lonely, they needed solace.

They grew tired of being divine and fearless.

All came together for once, never before through out those millenniums.

Came together, putting parts of themselves in a vessel, sent through the heavens, through out that well known tunnel. 

Rejoice for I will name her Gabriella and she is to be the sweet ambrosia of us Gods.

“Her heart it beats…

  For all of you… All of you…”

Their hearts grew fonder as they heard her voice.

Their eyes celebrated when she approached, rested as they were laid upon her.

“Gabriella, dearest to us immortals,” they said.

“Gabriella, is that all there is?” She dreads.

Poignant is her life even if it is just to amuse the Divine & the Holy…

She thought of a way out and if it all fails? At least she would go down with all the glory.

Turned every angel against their lords, seduced all twelve of them to deal down the gates of heaven.

She fled to the dirt and soil of this earth.

Forcing the Ruler of the underground to hide deep, deep down this mortal earth.

For there is no greater worry than the nearness of she, who defined the divine and the unbound.

You have upset the Gods, Gabriella. And for that you shall be cursed with a heart of glass.

But fear nothing my weak but oh, so determined here she said.

“this too shall pass.”

Resides in me that one and only, Gabriella.

I will, with all my mortal might protect that heart of glass!

Resides in me that one and only Gabriella, never again weary.

That glass illuminated heart.

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