Glass by Fatma AlSumaiti

She walked to the end of the room and placed her palm on the window.   What happened last night scattered her already shattered pieces.  Lifting her hand off the glass, she curled her fingers and knocked slowly on the window.  So solid, she thought, so together.

If pieces of sand could come together when under pressure, why is it that humans fall apart? 

She rested her forehead on the window and closed her eyes.  It was unbelievable how tremendous the void at her center was.  How her mind had suddenly lost touch with the rest of her being along with her surroundings.  It was absolutely numbing how her heart murmured so quietly.

She felt as if she’s floating into a realm of numb torment.  A state of overwhelming feeling and lack of it all together.

This cannot be the life she was meant to lead.  She dove into her thoughts wondering what it was that fractured her.  Was it an inevitable closure to years of emotional crusades?  Or was she supposed to break because people break all the time?

All this pain.  All this confusion.  This overwhelming feeling that she is alone twirled her into foreign and monstrous darkness.

She took nine excruciatingly slow steps away from the window.

She ran.

Crashed into the glass.  Felt every shred make its way into her skin.  Bleeding out all that pain.

All that confusion.

She flew into the darkness she chose, and away from the abyss that was pulling her deeper.

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