Revolution by Hawra’a Khalfan

Intellectual desires are cravings of the heart

Every character has sought nothing but tangible objects

Materialism has killed our intellectual dreamland

Individualism has massacred our ideas and thoughts. 

In the absence of all that we touch, what have we other than our minds?

Feed your mind with intellect and unmask the reality you may foresee

Let words wonder in your brain,

Inspire to be inspired,

Use your words, intellect, and knowledge

Make use of that mind

In the absence of all that you touch,

it is the only real thing that once fed, the feeder doesn’t lose a fils.

Invest in your mind, invest in your knowledge, and invest in the truth.

Have your own revolution against the tangible,

invest in your soul-

invest in your life.

(*fils = smallest form of currency in Kuwait)

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