Revolution by Dina Al-Awadhi

In the reeking filth of a darkened alley

I realize this:

to think that light is pure and white

a purer light that could never be found

is in a word: stupid 

for their lies and secrecy are lost in the treacherous words

at least the darkness does not hide its dark

but the demons

the demons

the demons

they’re coming

black mouths

black eyes

black hearts

demonic grin, blackened teeth gaping, terrible

they will take me to their holes

and they will make me one of them

and once i breathe billowing fire

and glare cutting ice

once i ride their ghost horses

sing their spiteful songs

drink their toxic oily liquids


then we will revolt against your roman empire

your crusading machinations

your two-faced virtues

your lies

you think this is a revolution?

this is anarchy

the fall of an empire

no more guns

no more bombs

no more war

no more dead people

we shall tear you down from your high and mighty thrones

we shall strip you of your flowing robes

we shall hang you from the tree of death

and watch your blood pour into the soil

cleansing your sins

cleansing our sins

and then

we shall dance.

for the darkness has won.

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