Revolution by Noragotcharisma

Clenched fists, enraged hunger, “fighting for rights”. Power to the people, right? Wrong.

You are not your thoughts, your thoughts are not you. Intellectual property is no longer yours. Revolution.

The 21st century is an intellectual revolution. An internal revolution between you and yourself, between you and the person you could have become. But who will win? 

Will you succumb to the implanted thoughts in your mind, or will you free yourself from mental conformity? Will you think without the fear of being thought of as insane?

Will you be able to see past the eye, the eye that so meticulously controls how you behave, think, feel. How your children will feel. How your grandchildren will feel. Will enough people arise from the comatose? Will they ever be genuinely happy? No, not that kind of happy. Not the happy that means they’re ahead in the race of staged ecstasy on peoples’ news feeds. The real happy. The kind that cannot be expressed, the kind you cannot find words for.

Will we ever end universal mind control?

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