Revolution by Osman Naeem

They say a picture is worth a thousand words
Then I guess a poem paints a vivid picture
So I consider every word I see the part of a holy scripture
Now if I need to find a balance, I need to discard
All that I’ve held on to, the pharamaceutical prescriptions 
The fear of being wrong that made me sleepwalk into the system
The grudges in my heart and even the reasons
For all that I have and haven’t been through
Even the paper thin air that fills my lungs, and the pen that I breathe into
The totitpotency of life and the totem poles I draw on duodecimoes
And not a fraction of this is about me or my frictious ego
Not a freefall into freedom, or a monologue from the graves of prehistoric heathens
These are words from the diary of a brain dead rockstar irrespecticve of the sequence
Neatened by the teachings of the children of the proletariat and precarious Aryans
Who rode the nefarious chariot with delirious ferrymen
Who rose from the ashes as white flags ended wars mourning euthanized masses

Fire fighters walking the streets that look like veins coming from the heart of a mutiny
Raising torches fueled by adrenaline to blaze the sky and feed their foes some scrutiny
But even our enemies worship effigies of godly entities with the same energy
It’s hard to accept what’s aberrant and absolute from an apparent perception
Why do they call them freedom fighters in the first place?
I believe destiny isn’t solid but I don’t think we’ll ever see, even as runner ups incase
Beyond the illusion of freedom where lies the peace and harmony
MLK or MKG, whoever the leader may be, never asked you
To be impaled by the urge to get lip locking with death
just for the sake of democracy in the shallowest depths
Even Napoleon Bonaparte had his heart torn apart
looking at all the bodybags that had piled up in his shopping cart
At the check out, as he paid for a guilty conscience with second thoughts

Revolutions change worlds but dismantle settlements
As revolutinaries seat us in a cinema rolling the reel of illusions
We watch with paranoid senses, scared of the nothingness
So we shackle ourselves to the seats and replace faith with belief change never comes
Not even late, or even prematurely like the way we think
With a million neurons and an ego that succumbs bitter tastes
And justifies the reasons to the mistakes we make to numb fate
Then it becomes hard trying to overcome what we create
We then debate with apathy over love and hate
I guess that’s why they say ignorance is bliss

Some of us might be drones, while some heat seekers
Look into the eyes of the man in the mirror, unless your Medusa
I found the struggles reside inside the more that I dug deeper
Last halloween, when I shook hands with the grim reaper
Who took me down the birth route, planets revolve too but in imperfect circles
There’s a difference between letting the lion in your heart eat the frog in your throat
And a lion roaring with a sore throat promoting cutthroat pseudo-sacrifices
Revolution is change and change begins from within.

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