Smoke by Lucy Moore

The most unopposed taboo,

a smokescreen practice that affects me and you,
silently it weaves in our peripherals,
trying to dictate how liberal we can be in our literals. 

Puppeteered by a few who elect to reject the select subject
some “they” have deemed “suspect”
In an attempt to perfect society,
they forget to respect a level of intellect
that we must not neglect to nurture
if we want freedom for artists to express.

Creatively they address and progress
a cultural dialogue that would otherwise be suppressed.
Bravely they approach the forbidden,
for a short time they have visited the prohibited,
broken down into fragments,
manipulated, annihilated and interrogated their subject
& unregulated they have facilitated a soon-to-be debated exhibit
for those with an open mind to visit.
And as those “educated” stand and imitate, without hesitate,
what the state has instructed them to regurgitate.

They are well rehearsed in feigning an understanding of the symbolised,
too easily they will stigmatise the pieces and
upon not comprehending the artist’s commentary on society
leave in shock.

Undoubtably they will mock and soon unlock the door of the “authoritative” body
to come crawling from their rock.
“They” will call blasphemy and pornography without viewing
the biography of an artist responding to their geography.
“You call this art? This is an insult to your counterparts!”
“They” will choke what “they” perceive as broke before proclaiming:
“You are safe, watch this disgrace go up in smoke!”

For a while “they” will feel they have silenced,
but an artist will always work unlicensed.

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