Smoke by Eva Al-Meshal

Life inhaled me

So many millennia ago –

And I have been wandering through this play…

watching the costumes change 

with each change of scenery.

These lifetimes pass by on a big flat screen
that I’ve been observing from my seat that sits in stillness.

I have never moved,
but somehow I got so lost and captivated by the movie,
that I started to believe all the movement was real.
Each character is just a reflection of different parts inside of me.

I can’t stop watching;

I can’t stop wondering;

I can’t stop wishing…

That one day life will exhale my soul,

and my Being will dissipate like smoke, back into

the Heart of existence –

where I will realize that it has all been just a beautiful dream,

and that this nirvana I seemed to have been searching for

was always exactly where I am.

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