Smoke by Ahmed AlRasheed

The bedroom door opened and all you can see is the shadow of this delicate creature. Her curves are so defined that you could almost see smoke escaping her pores. There she was unclothed, fine, and precious, walking slowly towards me begging for something. The moonlight trickled from the seeping sky and gleamed off her long velvety hair. Her skin glowed bronze from the bleeding sunlight that shines every morning.When I looked upon her from head to toe, it seems as though her divine legs continue to drift, from her waist to the tip of her toes. The angel approaches me and sits on the side of the bed tempting me to touch her. Her polished back looked like it could be featured in a painting. The angel suddenly turns around and lays down right next to me, so close I could feel her comforting breath. Her lips full and inviting seeking attention to them with a clean quirk of her lips. I look up just in time to be soaked into her mythical almond shaped eyes, so clear and so precise its hard to compare to anything. I put my hand around her, pulling her closer to me, her breasts brushing against my chest. There was this smell, her unique smell, and it was hers alone. And it triggers memories, good memories. She looked at me knowing exactly what i was thinking, she knew my intentions for her were feisty, she comes closer to my ear and whispers, “Not today, I’m tired honey.”

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