Smoke by Toby Al-R

As I sit here to adhere

To the blast of my past

I cuddle my cigarette tip
With my dried lip 

Ready to set sail
To my wrecked ship

On a mental trip
Of elusive memories

I slowly climb
To flash backs of time

I wear your face a cloak
As I watch my cigarette smoke

Swaying freely in harmony
With the ticking of a clock

Resembling your body curves
Electrifying my nerves

To see you in the smoke
Holding the heart you broke

I remember and surrender
Hijack me back to the shadows

To the time when you had my heart
Before you ripped it apart

When you stabbed and twisted your dagger
Just to watch me stagger

Just to watch my astonished face
Slowly melt off in grace

We lay side to side
In a sweet genocide

With annihilated dreams
And inner muted screams

Now that you have triggered the gun
And I am far gone

I sit here rocking my chair
Into the smoke I gaze and stare

I see your beautiful face
Vanishing with no trace

I realize if I go back in time
I would still do it all over again

Despite the train of pain
Because behind this masquerade

I secretly hide true love
Enchanted ethereally from above

Because I hold stories
Only crazy mind can believe

Now I invoke the smoke
To swallow me back to you

So I can redeem your corrupted soul
And yet again give you my all

From my body I will sin you
A virtue you will never forget

From my eyes I will shine
A light you can never reflect

From my hands I will rebuild
Our forsaken temple

Where we practiced our rituals
Those once made the ground tremble

Come have a taste of my burning emotion
Come free me from this mental institution

Every time I smoke I see you
And every time I see you I burn

I twist and turn will I ever learn
It’s okay to burn in dire

Cause where there is smoke
You sure bet there is fire.

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