“But Daddy I Love Her” by Osman Naeem

How can you be so sure? You loved another yesterday

You walked away when she suffered and watched her suffocate

How can I let you make the same mistake once again?
When this young heart of yours bears no battle scars and doesn’t know the pain
of being left behind as an option trying to chase the last train
Oh it felt like the right track? I think you were on the wrong lane 

But daddy, I know it’s her that I desire
Do you really need her like you need air to respire?
The wounds you left behind don’t heal with a bandage
Are you trying to compete with Genghis Khan on a rampage?
For how long will you carry on causing these heartaches?
All your wisdom was earned from others’ mistakes
doesn’t really make you selfless does it?

But daddy, I promise, I swear
No, you’ll never know because you never cared
The last time, you numbed her up and struck her heart with a spear
She struck the surface with a smile while you just stood there
Another surgical experiment of yours
That you sedated with sweet words which ran vertically through your cervical pipe with poisonous synonyms and air

But daddy, I’ve changed now
If you’ve changed now then you’ll change once more over and over
You broke a vow when you were sober
Why should  I trust you with all the weight on your shoulders
You seek  warmth but leave the world a little colder

But daddy, I love her, just like the way you love my mother
I won’t leave her torn and bruised, walk away just because I can choose
And I won’t refuse to let go when the ends start to get loose
But daddy, why does it hurt when it’s supposed to revive?
It’s because that’s how you learn to fly high up in the sky
When you find someone whose soul sings you a lullaby
And their hand melts in yours, makes you realize and feel alive
So you can trust them to blindfold you and handle a knife
Son, you don’t know your way back home
You’re just too young to make that little sacrifice

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