“But Daddy I Love Him” by Noragotcharisma

Father, dad. Daddy. You know, that man that overprotects us. Or in more recent terms, the man we’d kill to be his baby mama. Or maybe its just an atheist’s way of kidding around with ole Adam. 

But Eve won’t like that, no no. It’s much too disrespectful. After all, our mother is the one who tames our hostile feelings towards our Father. 

And no matter where you go, you’ll find different faces for the one Father. In Brazil, you might see a pale man with an oh-so angelic face who came to us from no act of sin.

Jesus, ain’t that something!

And just like Jesus, you will always be ridiculed for being different. You’ll be even more rejected if you present something pure. Something the world has clearly lost touch of, the love for Him.

People might look it, act it, speak it, but never really be it. They’ll use Him to get green, they’ll even use Him to try to take His place. But silly old man, being so self-obsessed to think all this was made by him. No, it was made by Him.

Father, dad. Daddy, I love Him. And I’ll never let the love for man overshadow the love for Him.

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