“But Daddy I Love Him” by Quamer Al-Mumin

When will they finally realize it? I’m no longer their baby girl. I’ve fallen, scraped my knee and have gotten back up so many times that I’ve lost count. So many times that I’ve formed a shell. So many times that they don’t even know about.

When will they finally realize it? I’m no longer that gullible youngster that used to give trust to those who least deserved it. I’ve learned to adjust to this cruel world. I. Can. Take. Care. Of. Myself. 

When will they finally realize it? That I’ve changed. That his eyes have changed me. So unbelievably hazel, they plead me to stay. I tried to leave, daddy, I swear. But the way he’d hold on to me so tight. Like each time I   turn away would be the last.

He’d lay his head on my chest, breathing in my scent like it was the smell of morning dew. Our Eskimo kisses. Ever so light, ever so innocent.

Because that’s what we have daddy, it’s more than love. It’s not just him who needs me, that feeling is mutual to the both of us. He’s always on my mind. In my thoughts. In my prayers. I’ve learned responsibility the hard way, I promise. You can’t take away the only thing that gives me light, through the tunnel of sorrow that we call life. I know you think I’ve crossed the line, but daddy I love him! Can we keep him?

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