“But Daddy I Love Him” by Farah Al-Sultan

              I thought this was it! Today shall be the day I tell my parents about him, his name is Gabriel. He appeared out of nowhere in my life, it felt like I was destined to love and be with him. I gathered my courage and went to the living room, where my parents are.

“Mother, father, I came here to tell you something about myself that I’ve been holding in.” I finally spoke when I reached the room. While waiting for one of them to respond, my eyes darted between my dad and Gabriel, who stood behind my dad’s chair. 

“Go on my dear.” My lovely mom said, and so I did.

“I’ve met a guy named Gabriel, we both are in love with each other at the moment. I thought you should know, and probably meet him as well” I said all that with a fixed smile and eyes on Gabriel.

“Let me guess, he’s standing behind me isn’t he.” My dad spoke as he turned around facing Gabriel. All I did was nod.

“I see.” My dad said looking at my mother, he paused for a second or more, then continued “I think it’s a great idea to meet him! Why don’t you go pack your bag, that goes for Gabriel as well, I’d tell you where we’re going, but let’s keep it a surprise shall we.” My dad smiled, I did too.

“That sounds incredible!” I said immediately, I couldn’t maintain my excitement and happiness.

In less than an hour I was ready, so was Gabriel. We got in the car, all four of us. I asked questions to what are destination is, but both my parents refused to answer.

My dad finally parked in front of a four story building. I was frustrated and felt nothing but hate, I knew this building like it was the back of my hand. It was a psychiatric rehabilitation center. Sure, they thought I was crazy, but how could they think Gabriel was just one of my hallucination. He was so real, so vivid.

I was sent to a room were all you can see is nothing but bright white. The color disgusted me, but I was glad Gabriel was still with me. It made sense now that he wasn’t real, to the fact that they let him in the room. Even after all that he still didn’t leave. I realized it’s because I still loved him. I then sat at the far end of the room with my knees up to my chest crying, Gabriel hugging me silently. I then spoke my last words “but daddy I love him.”

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