“But Daddy I Love Him” by Ahmed AlRasheed

I ran and ran and ran and my heart thumped as I bled tears. Scared and petrified, I wanted to hide. I wanted to stay away from everyone’s sight. I know I lost him. I know I will never see him again. Yet, I felt like I did. I felt like I could talk to him. He was my everything, and I miss him. He would smile whenever I was sad, and it made me smile creating that comforting feel when knew everything was going to be okay. I miss him and I want to see him. How can he just go away like that, disappear and leave me here alone? I wept as I slowed my pace, and in a flash of a second, I collapsed to my hands and knees. I crawled to the nearest tree and laid my back against it. While I sat head sunk deep into my knees, crying, weeping my tears for him. Suddenly a hand touched my shoulder, it was warm and as I looked up, my dad was there standing, wanting to comfort me. He sat next to me and without hesitation I leaped into his arms, crying into his chest. “It’s okay sweetheart,” he held me closer as his eyes teared up, knowing exactly how I felt. “But daddy I love him!”  From then on, we sat there, looking down at the graveyard, where my husband joined my mom in a journey into the clouds. The place they went to had no feelings, and even if there was it was only of what they had left. The feeling wasn’t happiness as it was thought to be, it was happiness but with something missing, me.

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