Noah by Ahmed AlRasheed

In order to understand this, you must first learn who Noah really is.

Spring Hill, Kansas, is a place where people are born, raised, then die there. Noah is my name, and yes I was born and raised in this humdrum town. I’m in my fifties, I live alone, and most people around here think that my life is a great example of a midlife crisis. I am a math teacher at Spring Hill Middle School. Go, Monkeys. When you live in a town where everybody knows everybody, you get that faint feeling that this town has no reason to be in existence, ever. I mean- let’s face it, we try to go for a university degrees, but this town seems to always fall back. I remember that Billy Hill was the town’s smartest man, he even got accepted into Colby Community College. After he graduated he came back and opened a grocery store which he named Limpy. I might also want to mention that my neighbor married his cousin simply for the sake of “experimenting” and this led to a shotgun marriage. 

My sister Roxy, who is also my cousin, thinks I should marry Jenna, our second cousin. It annoys me that everyone thinks down at marrying within the family. YOU’RE WRONG! Keeping our sacred gene pool within the family is a number one priority at the Winston house! Anyways, I tend to walk around town saying hi to people, including Mindy. She’s a waitress at a diner at the corner of Lawrence and Madison. She is hot! “I’ll see you at work?” I gave her a toothless smile. It’s half past eight and I should head to Plan B. I get into my gold 1999 Buick Century, she’s my special dirty old hag. It puffs black smog and is loose in all parts. I get on highway 169 driving south towards the open road. It appeared out of nowhere, the sign on the building I work in, it is made of neon lights and shaped in the figure of a naked woman on a stripper pole. Three cars were parking, alongside a motorbike and a truck. I walk into Plan B, and the cigarette smoke filled up the whole building, Luke Bryan is playing in the background and people are waiting. I go to the backstage and get ready. Mindy was there, on time, so I smile. It’s show time.

Mindy starts to introduce me, “Gentlemen and gentlemen, the all time streak record holder, the legendary MC of Spring Hill’s history, NOAH WINSTON!” I dash out from behind the curtains, the thrill was making my heart pound louder and louder, as the stale claps emerged from the dull crowd. With a huge smile on my face I thought to myself, I’m a star!

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