Noah by Batool Hasan

In order to understand this, you must first learn who Noah really is.

Noah Shaw has a foot fetish.

Noah loves big feet, small feet, tattooed feet and especially high-arched feet. The main reason he agreed to work as a emcee in a strip club is that he gets to admire them all.

Red toenails, toe rings, colorful tattoos, sometimes it’s hard for Noah to remember why he shouldn’t kidnap one of the strippers and keep her in his closet. 

“Goodnight, Noah,” A raspy voice says. He looks to his left to see Sparkles. She leans in and kisses him on his cheek.

“Sharing is caring!” She says as she stuffs some money in his pocket.

“Goodnight, Sparkles.” He winks at her as she turns to leave.

Sparkles is one of his favorite girls. Pale pink toenails, a single star ring on her right pinky toe, Daisy tattoos on both ankles. She has this little white scar on her left big toenail that drives Noah crazy.

Sometimes it hurt Noah to look at Sparkles’ feet.

It’s about 8 A.M. now and Noah holds the keys to lock the doors of the club.  He dreads this routine every morning: Having to abandon his safe haven and deal with boring reality. This instantly reminds him of the second reason why he needs this job: Noah’s mother has cancer.

The medical bills are crazy, but the club pays good money. Sometimes celebrities pass by to get wasted, which means you’ll get a shitload of cash for keeping their dirty secrets.

Noah walks through the streets of a noisy New York morning-no surprise there!

Five minutes later, he turns left at one of the ditches in a hurry. The weather is freezing and he’s much eager to reach his comfortable rat-infested apartment.

Realizing that he had taken a wrong turn, he turns around but-

“Kneel, you mewling quim”

What the hell? 

A sharp object pierces his skull, causing his knees to drop to the floor. He crouches on all four and tries to look up, but a wave of burning fire shocks his brain, blinding his vision.

What the fuck? He tries to say.

“You’re not vey bright, are you?”

Am I getting mugged?

“I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.”

And then the world went dark.

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