Noah by Berlin

In order to understand this, you must first learn who Noah really is.

“Not in this lifetime” she told him.
Middle-aged and struggling is not her type.
He smiled and told her gently “Forty five is all the hype”

She thought she told him clearly and that he would finally stop
She didn’t know that Noah was not someone who gives up. 

Each night he fell deeper as he quietly watched her dance
He wondered what he can do to finally get his chance

He faked a smile every time he introduced her to the crowd
How, he wondered, could he say these things out loud?
The words printed on his cards are not what he would’ve chosen
He would never dare refer to her as a bleeping sexy vixen.

A stripping goddess she was known as, but that’s not what he wanted.
All he needed from her was to be a different kind of naked

The kind where all defenses are dropped.
Where pretending she is strong can finally be stopped.
He wanted to take care of her, make her feel secure.
Let her know that money is not always the cure.

He continued treating her special, did everything to make her laugh.
He figured all the affection will eventually be enough.

Time went by and she started to see
The man he was and wanted to be.
She saw him in a different light and decided it was time to make it right

“I have something to tell you” she whispered in his ear.
He had to check twice if he heard it clear.
She kissed him and told him to meet her after the show.
He could not be mistaken she had that certain glow.

He walked around all night gleaming with pride.
That was until she screamed and cried.
A man had a little too much to drink.
Crossed the line and forgot to think.

He slapped her when she said no.
Threw money at her and called her a ho.
Noah grabbed and punched the man
That was when he drew his gun

He pointed it at Noah whose arms went up.
But the man was possessed by the devil’s cup.
He pulled the trigger without any hesitation.
While everyone flew the perilous commotion.

She ran to Noah and cradled him in her arm.
“Maybe next lifetime?” He asked with all his charm.
He smiled and closed his eyes.
That was when she realized.

“Don’t you dare Noah!
Don’t you dare let go!
This is not how it ends
There’s still something you should know!

I love you Noah
How could you leave me now?
I chose you Noah
Tonight was my last bow”

She held his lifeless body for a moment longer.
Enumerated the ways she could have made it better.
The longer she stayed at the spot where he was slain,
the more she was convinced she would never dance again.

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