Noah by Fatma AlSumaiti

In order to understand this, you must first learn who Noah really is.

Day: Tuesday, November 28th.

Time: Moments before daylight arrived.

Scene: Gypsy. 

The stage was an entire universe when she stepped onto it. My heart cracked open when I saw those riotous thighs flirt with music.

Purple. Everything was purple. The lights, the air.. her skin. My green eyes turned into night as they danced on her body. 23 years I’d been in charge of that place. No creature had ever annihilated the crowds, and myself, like Gypsy.

The way her hands traced her body was treacherous.

The arch of her back screamed to be carved with kisses.

How her waist turned the music into art. Brush strokes plagued with insanity. Damn.

And those legs.. Oh honey, they spoke a language that liquefied your insides.

She wrapped herself around that pole like a vicious purple snake. Every night I yearned to be that metallic purple pole.

She saw me haunting her with my gaze. She felt what I was feeling. I knew she did because those glistening dark eyes spoke to my desires.

I needed a plan.

Day: Tuesday, December 16th.

Time: Moments before daylight arrived.

Scene: Gypsy.

Fire ate its way through my insides. It was burning. It was suffocating. It was so purple. I couldn’t wait any longer. My darkness was wilder than ever.

My burning purple fire needed to be fed.

Day: Friday, December 19th.

Time: Daylight had just arrived.

Scene: Gypsy.

I walked barefoot that day. The stage had never looked so mesmerizing. So warm. My feet sunk into opaque RED that used to inhabit her veins. With every step I felt my soul come to life. The smell, so sweet it carried Gypsy with it into my pores.

I lay down next to Gypsy on that warm RED stage. Resting my cheek on that RED floor, I faced her RED eyes. She had never looked so alive. Laying there, bathed in RED. So still. So beautiful. So RED.

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