Noah by Toby Al-R

In order to understand this, you must first learn who Noah really is.

The day was beautiful.

The sky kissed the sea to become bluer and birds hovered over the trees singing a train of magical melody. But I was on the verge of depression; collecting fragments of my lost heart, I am overwhelmed with debt, my wife filing divorce papers, my children abandoned me and they occasionally send me hate letters.

Rumors echoed in the strip club that they want to get rid of me. After thirty years of coordinating their mic… I guess I am getting too old to represent the beauty of the youth. 

My fifth decade struck yet I have lost everything I worked for! Heck I even lost track of days. So today I am going to treat myself… by blowing up what remained in my wallet in a luxurious restaurant.

Upon my arrival and settling on the regal table the waitress recommended to me the chef’s special, I went for it and started to examine the stainless steel fork and knife, the posh napkins and candles, the lush chandelier and the distinctive decoration of the restaurant.

Time passed in exchange for the dish to arrive topped with a haddock on a bed of samphire. The succulent plant were too salty for me but I convinced myself it must taste good being that expensive.

I took my time and treasured this moment of reality escape. Oh how I wished for a fresh new start for me and all humanity. To strip off all the negative attributes we created upon ourselves and wash the sins of our own creation.

I closed my eyes…

And the universe responded to my dream;

Tectonic shocks crept to the ground!

The sky turned ruby red!

A wormhole drilled the space and spawned a new earth-like planet!

The hibernated moon is finally awake! It orbited closer to the sun and obliterated hatching billions of mega speed dolphins swimming in the space.

Years passed and people learnt how to tame the dolphins and travel through space in flashing speed. I was the first to set foot on the new planet. To start a new beginning for humanity with no dusty book to follow and no rusty stanza to obey. Because in here all rules are under one rule, Noah’s rule of no rules.

Along with my followers we started to construct the biggest stripping stage ever nested on the ground, it is going to be the capital of the new planet for all the people to come and strip off their clothes along with the old traditions. A place beyond war debt greed hunger taxes disease poverty pollution crime vengeance extinction consumption slavery unemployability corporatism corruption stratification and all the sins of our own creation.

It is time to STRIP OFF!

The new planet is magnificent, mysterious and pristine with abundance for all. In the summer ice cracks burning fissures and in the winter frozen volcanoes spit blue tongues. And today the stage is set for the opening night.

People started to forsake the earth and swarm the new planet leaving behind only the richest elite cruising their yachts and using their golden toilets realizing there is no one left to steal from.

Music gushed from the ground, light beams crisscrossed like a fishing net set to capture your mind with excessive euphoria. I held the microphone like a king holding his scepter.

When I was just about to give the first announcement, I suddenly;

Opened my eyes…

Only to see the waitress holding the bill.

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