Collaboration by Farah Al-Sultan and Shayma’a Ahmed


Living a full life


Abiding by the rules of none

I’m my own boss

And I answer to

No one 


Difference surrounds me,

Avoiding to affect others.

I try to survive with it,

But like always

I search for a way

To live without it.

I drift from your world

To my world

To their world

Like a white cloud

Floating in the sky

On a spring morn


When in between





Are thing you live without.

Oh but what wouldn’t I give?

What wouldn’t I do?

To belong with you

With them

With anyone


I’ve been on the fringes of worlds

For far too long

It left me feeling empty

A void

Boring through my soul


In a state of in-between,

Some gain the lack of objects.

But now I’m ready

Yes, I’m ready

To sate that emptiness


Black white,

Landing in grey.

Summer winter,

Landing in spring.

Another problem,

Is to learn and land in one.

Is there a glimmer of hope for me?

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