Operation Smearoff by Osman Naeem and Ahmed AlRasheed

Base. 1300 hours:

The world around General Heisenberg was clashing, as he knew war was immanent. The General gathers his troops around the table for his briefing. “Soldiers!” As he looked at his fat Sergeant, Roethlisberger and his 1st Lieutenant, Fritz. “We are under attack and we need to act now!” Looking closely at them he decides to send them off first. “We shall send in a squad, you two should be in it. I have already sent in Sergeant Colace down for recon, but he has been missing for sometime now!” A huge rumble came as the enemies fired a warning shot. 

The troops gather up to be deployed, waiting for General Heisenberg to give the final order.

Behind Enemy Lines. 2 hours ago:

“Sergeant Colace, I need you to go down there and be my eyes and ears.” General Heisenberg stated, “The enemy are rattling the cages and we need to put a termination to it, only setback is we need help reckoning where they are.” “Forget about the pawns, I say we go straight for the king,” said sergeant Colace, who the army nicknamed The Exorcist. “We enter the caves of Kabaz that leads us directly to our destination, and then make our way through the Valley of Manhood which joins with the ocean from there the navy takes over” The General nods to the Black Operation and affirmed, “If you get wedged, you know we will be there to get you out, good luck Sergeant!”

Sergeant Colace salutes his General as he marched out to get ready for his mission. Sgt. Colace got into his scuba gear and dives into the waterfall, as he knows he should be careful, as he has entered enemy lines.

Operation Smearoff. 1400 hours:

The troops are ready to be deployed as the world around them clashed, war has began. Sgt. Berger and Lt. Fritz were to lead the troops to a fight they may not come back from, but it was for the better cause. The cause to free the world of agonizing pain and hunger and return it to what it was before, peaceful and calm.

“Operation Smearoff begins, this fight may be your last, or your first. In the past, you may have been wimps, cowards, thieves or dishonest men, but today you prove everybody wrong! Prove to yourself you are worthy of such task and that you shall free this world from the devil within! The enemies shall not have mercy, so DON’T show them any! Unless, you’re taking them out, TO DINE IN HELL!” The troops yell and cheer as they praise their General’s speech. Before, these men were from happy families that had meals together everyday and simply enjoyed the humble life of amity and prosperity. Now, these men will commence the most brutal attack on their enemies. Stepping off home soil to protect the world from the Axis of Evil. They knew they were taking all of humanity’s demons to hell with them; these men were called The Reapers.

Hope. 1700 hours:

Twenty planes in a sonic boom transformed to a few hundred paratroopers, the enemy grew tenfold, as the abandoned island of now seemed to run out of ground to stand on. The Reapers were weakened and they were tired, but they never gave up. They fought for independence, they had a cause. “tsht, this is Hotel calling all troops do you copy? over tsht” General Heisenberg reported on the walkie talkie. “tsht, THIS IS ROMEO, tsht, WE ARE SURROUNDED AND WE NEED BACK UP! OVER tsht” screamed Sgt. Berger as him and his troops were in a standoff between hundreds of enemies.

The numbers were in no ones favor as nature lost grip of its temper and rapid thunder sounded the coming of a hurricane, with strong winds and cold wrath, as the rain now joined forces with mother earth and muddied and bloodied humanity’s boots. This merciless force had consumed all but a few. The Reapers took cover in the woods that opened into the valley of Manhood. They ran towards the warmth of the dense forest that was slowly dying from the horrors of mustard gas.

1900 hours:

“tsht, This is Hotel do you copy? Over tsht” General Heisenberg has not heard from his troops for sometime. Communications was lost when the tsunami hit. “tsht, This is Hotel does anyone read me? Over tsht.”

What was left behind these enemy lines were corpses scattered everywhere, organs and limbs had become a part of the debris that is smeared everywhere. The place now looked like the aftermath of a torture chamber. Nature washed away its sins with a tsunami like no other, and there was no evidence of the loss suffered by the alliance and the axis. In the end, a white flag was raised, signifying the restoration of peace, and the exile of evil that plagued humanity.

General Heisenberg knew he won the battle, with the cost of losing his Reapers, which saddened him. He stood up, turned around and reached for the flush. He flushed down the enemies as he walked out of the McDonald’s bathroom with victory by his side.

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