Waves by Toby Al-R

I hope you are ready for some random rage!

Because I am agitated, irritated for being facilitated to get levitated only to be dictated in a premeditated, disorientated system in desperate need to be rehabilitated.

The world is collapsing down, my mind is going haywire and the waves of anger are coming at ya! 

Human beings… those invidious parasites, slowly climbed the ladder of the most brutal predators and managed to fail and f*** up everything around them then ironically and proudly claim the sanctity of life… And by the way; f*** consumerism and f*** advertisement too.

We skin the endangered animals only to make an expensive jacket… hello??? We dump a fish in a bowl only to see it circle around for a split second of our day and cage a bird only to hear it sing for our own disgusting amusement.

We kill nature by burning trees only to build factories to kill it even more. And everyone seem to be feeling just f***ing alright about it, because we are too busy shopping!

You know! It is just that cool to drive a Ferrari while there is a child somewhere that is too thirsty with nothing to drink, it just happens mysteriously that a liter of petrol to fuel your car is cheaper than a liter of water.

We teach girls to be plastic and boys to be bullies, we reward army soldiers, or should I say killers! With honor medals and crown a king for being a royal descendant to play judge, jury and executioner. So much for stratification… We just mysteriously forgot that we are all one specie.

I say “we” because the majority is not bothered, we flipped the table and turned this pristine earth to a board game, the puppet masters are playing their game and the rest are under global hypnosis.

It is Musical Chairs in slow pace, for once the music stops; a person, a company or a country is going bankrupt. Are you not entertained by the circus show? Then plant the seed of differences among those slaves, guilt trip them with religion, let it be their only solace, brainwash them to believe theirs is the right one, so you know… Murder can be negotiable… and finally lay down and watch them worship in a warship.

Say there is a monster underneath every child’s bed yet there is a child inside every monster. Turn freedom into something you have to fight for, enslave the mass under controlled debt, so even wiping your tears will cost money.

Tell the media that war is NOT the most profitable business which costs nothing but lives. Tell them it is homeland security against terrorists and mysterious zombies coming to eat your brains, trust me they will believe it. They already did! And are too afraid for their belongings and their Versace wallets, bomb those zombies, bomb them all! They will shout vain.

Control education and the capability of critical thinking, capture and assign the genius ones to develop weapons of mass destruction and educate the rest just enough to follow the rules, the rules we made of course.

Tell them it is natural to have poor and rich, even mention it in religions and let it be the words of God. Don’t you dare hint that the earth is the heritage of all, don’t you dare include this in the concept of equality. Let the structural violence emerge followed by hatred, envy and greed then tell them it is all… genetic, so we can have an excuse to build jails and get rid of those who fall in the trap we set and no longer fit in our box. It is like putting fuel into fire then get angry at the outcome.

Striking similarity in the story of God creating the devil then getting angry of him and whoever he influenced. I wonder if he created us in his own image or in fact we created him in our own image. I leave the enigma for you to solve, but either way both answers will result in psychosis.

More people died in the name of God than all other reasons combined. May heaven be their reward in afterlife. For everyone believes their God is the true one, it is a circle of stupidity resulting in thousands of dead fools. But let it be… the livings will continue the board game and slowly fabricate the rules to their interest, let the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Create viruses and diseases then sell the medicine, never forget the motto; maximize profit at all costs.

Make sure to strip off people’s individuality and maintain the sheep in line, for we have more slaves in this generation than any other time in history.

Legalize weapons but illegalize their use, because we are civilized and we have civil wars! We are special creatures, we invented; sacrifice, torture, suicide and necrophilia! Give us a credit! Let us rule these lands and f*** everything around… Until this planet is completely messed up and we are finally wiped out and vaporized back to the universe by the waves of anger… To embrace the stars.

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