Waves by Dee

When I was younger and more inclined to believe

Everyone told me their favorite lie

Like once when I was hurt, they told me pain came in waves

That it was a divine mercy so no one was given more than they could bear 

And I liked the idea that someone was looking out for me

Because I didn’t know any better

But now that I think about it

Pain comes in waves because it is in its nature to be cruel

Pain comes in waves because it likes to grow in strength

Then, just when you think you can’t, when you’re done

It crests, and hits you with its grand finale as it breaks

And as it ebbs you start to doubt your memory

Because for a moment, relief siphons away the intensity of suffering

So pain steals back into the space left free by forgetfulness

And it is nearly as unexpected when it comes back around

Because pain comes in waves

And people are given more than they can bear all the time

They’re just not given the choice not to bear it

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