Sciamachy by Ahmed AlRasheed

Sound the alarm! I thought as I jogged outside my room into the hallway. Milo-Cesspool Grendoz is after me, a treacherous man that hacks hearts and tears the living beats out of them. Why am I being followed you ask?

It all started on a pleasant beautiful afternoon, where I was out for dinner with my beloved wife. We sat at the Rome de Tour restaurant, which was her favorite. I noticed that the Tobasco sauce was misplaced. It was set aside next to my wife, making her want a taste. My wife willingly picked up the bottle and started to dab her food.  At that moment, I had suspicion that something might go wrong. “SALT!” I screeched as I knocked the spoon out of her hand, and with shock of my doings she got up. “I can’t do this anymore, I really can’t.” Tears came rushing out of her eyes as she left the restaurant. Three months have passed and I have been alone, without a wife, and Milo-Cesspool Grendoz the person responsible for all the tragedy. If it weren’t for that Tabasco sauce I would still be with my beloved wife, my cherub. Well, It’s over, for that I will fight in her honor, and win her heart back!

I ran into the hallway, gashing through people, trying to get to the reception hall where I will find my nemesis, M.S.Grendoz. I picked up a baseball bat from my room and was planning on using it, planning on getting my beloved back, determined to succeed. I walked into the reception, and there she was, standing next to Milo. Milo is that person who answers to no one, a person who could end lives with the lift of a finger. I walked slowly towards him and smiled at my wife in the process and she smiled back. It was nice to see her smile for mere seconds, before it went away with me whacking Milo with my baseball bat and knocking him down. I continued to beat on him until a crowd of people gathered among us as I was held down.

“Oh my god, GREG!” yelled my wife and grabbed his head, as blood was gushing out of his head. His head was busted open and bruised all over, I was still down, and wondered what I did wrong. “Who’s Greg?” I asked with a heavy tone still panting for air. I was dragged inside to my room, where I was locked in.

“Mrs. Peanisbreath, your ex-husband, Mie, is suffering from a term we like to call Sciamachy. He is in his own wor…” the conversation was broken because I struck the doctor’s head with my baseball bat aiming at his conscious. With what I have done to my wife, she is now terrified of me, and ran towards the exit doors as I saw her leave me, Mie Peanisbreath, all the time I have saved her while she ran away with other people. Maybe I am to blame, for hitting everyone she was with, but alas!! I know one thing for certain, SHE’S Milo-Cesspool Grendoz, and my job isn’t over. I hummed the tune of Game of Thrones as I could see her shadow through the glass doors still running, running for her life, my baseball bat still leaking blood. TAN TAN TANANA TAN TANANANA TAN TANA TAN….

Ahmed Al Rasheed

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