Sciamachy by Hawra’a Khalfan

Sci·am·a·chy noun [sahy-amuh-kee]an act or instance of fighting a shadow or an imaginary enemy.

I looked down at my trampled ribs

at my sliced, flattened, and beaten carcass.

It was once mine but now belongs to the edifice.

“There is only one way out.” 

Sanity remains in the sanitarium,

as sanity may enter, but never leave.

Those imagined days- finally ending in triumph!

Waves of sorrow came and passed.

Shadows of the late visited

and crushed my timeworn mind.

Together we drifted into the beast,

and jumped out of my blood.

Voicelessly calling out

for it.

“There is only one way out.”

Staring up at the hoary walls in this crumbling ruin,

with my veins still blasting at full speed,

as the blood whispered out of me and then,

and then my mortal breath escaped.

“There was only one way out.”

I have been waiting so long for this.

My eternity has finally expired.

I have been waiting so long for this.

Rainfall erupted out of my otherworldly eyes in

the darkness of the *skia,

as the fatigued spirit came out of the *makhe;

finally alive,

and finally in shelter.

*skia: shadow/shade

*makhe: battle

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