Sciamachy by Toby Al-R

Sci·am·a·chy noun [sahy-amuh-kee]an act or instance of fighting a shadow or an imaginary enemy.

A couple of decades ago I was born on earth, a blue sphere floating in space… Where silence shout mystic manners and reasons fade into oblivion.

I always wondered what the hell all of this is all about. Is it all real, or an illusion? Or perhaps nothing but an immemorial memory and our lives are a series of flash backs? 

What is the purpose anyway? Is it really a test? I mean I didn’t sign up for any test! And what kind of test takes course over a billion of years?

So… What the hell is going on?

Maybe, just maybe… The whole point is to prevail against the ultimate enemy; he confused every mind and scarred every heart, he is invisible and invincible, manipulative and deceiving, a scarlet scavenger. The master of disguise, the owner of billion masks.

And no… I am not talking about the devil. For me the credibility of the devil’s existence is not more than Gandalf, Sun Wukong, Donkey Kong and many other fictional characters.

I am talking about something far more sinister, he is everywhere and nowhere, a shape-shifter, an entity of mirrors, the shadow of shadows. He approaches with many different faces and you almost always have to question which one is the real one.

People fear him and tremble in his presence… He is the fathomless enigmatic fate, many avoid him and choose to never even try to face him. On the other hand, many people spend their life time searching for him, to face him in the ultimate Sciamachy.

The way he smites is unconventional, he will ambush you anytime anywhere, charm you, trick you and when the time is right he will backstab you, mixing affection with affliction. If his strike is not lethal he will change his face then disappear into the mist, only to revisit you with a different face in a different time.

Always remember; he will never show his real face right away. It is your task to decode his secret. He will either purge your transparent heart or tar it black. I heard if you can defeat his fake clones and find the real one, he will reward you with something rather heavenly.

I once thought I found him, our battle lasted for many agonizing years. Clash of mental swords that cut deeper than the sharpest steel. Back and forth we fought in the sweetest, most excruciating dance… until the final blow, only to realize he was nothing but another fake clone.

I can’t wait to find him… the real one.
He is the purpose of life. He is the meaning of life.
He is what everyone needs. What everyone want.
If you haven’t guessed it yet…
His celestial name is… LOVE.


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