Color by Eva Al-Meshal

You’ve taken me to the absolute edge of
and led me back into my center.
You’ve freed me from my cages
and let me fly freely within yours.
You’ve emptied me and filled me,
always exquisitely,
You’ve polished my heart with every rub,
and revealed me to its hidden treasures.
You are my favorite kind of high,
and my deepest low.
You’ve captured me,
you see…
It is a kind of totality that I can’t
quite explain.
I’ve loved you in every single color of the
spectrum that you are.
And so, my beloved,
when I look at you I see the biggest
paradox of my life:
You are my end and my beginning all at once.
In the deepest places that I exist,
you are there with me.
You are in the blueprint of my being.
Here, all our love’s colors converge –
blinding and binding our souls
with its radiating white light.

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