Color by Nawar Bashir

The Colors of Reality


Through clouds of pastel blue, pale yellow, and rose red.
Her mind abuzz with sweet nothings in her head. 

So peaceful was she, in this colorful utopia.

Cotton candy fluff of purple, magenta, and pink.
So mesmerizing, she didn’t even want to blink

How long had she been here?

A year, a month, a week, a day?
Looking up, it didn’t matter, because it all turned gray.
Lightening flashed and all went astray.


Through wind tunnels of jagged black
Till she felt the sharp slap of the water on her back.

Emerged in iciness, she couldn’t breathe.
But that soon passed, and beauty appeared.

Sparkling glittering waters of jade green,
Unlike anything she’d ever seen.

Corrals, the colors of the rainbow, so brilliantly vibrant.
Sea life swimming around them with excitement.

A florescent indigo turtle swimming around a sunken ship’s berth,
It reminded her of something that filled her with mirth.

The memory of a toy turtle in someone’s tiny hand,
the memory of little legs trying to stand.

She remembered: a smile, a laugh, a gurgle…oh what joy!
But wait…who was that little boy?

She started to feel a sense of worry so strong.
Something’s not right! Something is wrong!

Water tore its way into her chest in a surge,
Her soul and liquid misery began to converge.

It was coming in through a gaping hole where her heart used to be.
Suddenly understanding what her mind couldn’t see.

She remembered who she was, and suddenly awoke.
Screaming his name, it came out in a choke.

Her eyes registered the harsh white of the hospital bed.
The sickening green of the walls, the bandages on her arms soaked with a grotesque red.

They all looked at her, stunned with relief.
“Thank god, you’re up!” ….but on their faces, she saw grief.

“There was an accident,” they said,
“You’ve been in a coma, you took a big hit to the head.”

They saw the question in her eyes.
“He’s fine” they said weakly. But she could see through their lies.

She felt it in every fibre of her being, felt it in her soul’s throes.
You didn’t have to tell a mother, a mother already knows.

Her heart broke, her spirit shattered.
Her baby boy was gone…and nothing else mattered.



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