Color by Osman Naeem

You feel like you met her the moment you were born, she is an open book to read and you are dyslexic
Her twitter bio says her favorite color is turquoise, her favorite number is six and she likes coffee bars
The skies are so bright and blue that even the sun is squinting, and you are holding a purple umbrella after you finally walk to her doorstep to face her
You take along a present, a mug with a mating tortoise couple carved beside the handle
Before you even knock, she opens the door, smiles and says, “What fuels your fire colors your flames”
She makes room for you to enter but asks you to take off your flaky brown boots and sweaty green socks as she pets her transparent chameleon, and then walks with you to the living room through the burgundy rugs in her home

A time equivalent to your age has passed, but now all the rainbows seem monochrome
But now every night before you doze off into your utopia, she beatboxes to your whining so it sounds meaningful
And every morning you make her pierce herself with a gold plated nose ring, you make her suffocate herself in a pale silk gown and smudge her face with red lipstick and black mascara, wishing that her beauty would be permanent

You misogynistic bigot, you say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and then bruise her because she’s ugly
If real women have curves then why isn’t your perception flexible? Why are your brainwaves made of a yellow wavelength
Accept her before your body cripples and your fingertips become numb, because she will run away like a pale cheetah covered in black and blue polka dots

Get It through your grey matter
She is beautiful without your make up, she is imperfectly flawless
She is crooked and ugly, but she reflects all the colors like a prism,
And don’t you blame her for not appearing appealing enough because you’re colorblind
If you really want to see her for who she is, then accept Life for how she is, because trying to imagine a different life, is like trying to imagine a new color
Keep her away from your facial reconstruction surgeries because it wasn’t in her DNA to match your expectations
Keep her away from your euphemistic crucifixes, your gullible hopes and feeble words
and embrace Life, the way she is

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